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RAS is a nominated  sales provider for TACCON  a LUCIAD Certified Partner


TACCON consists of a small passionate team with state of the art software and hardware equipment - a high tech think tank - with the mission to help some of the world's largest companies tο develop technology strategies and products in the areas of Defence –C4ISTAR, Geospatial Intelligence, Security, and Geoinformatics domains.


TACCON’s team specializes in GIS, Remote sensing, and Visualization Solutions, since the early 90s.


TACCON represents Luciad NV, a unique software supplier in the Defence, Aviation, Maritime, Security and Geoinformatics domains.


TACCON is based in the United Kingdom,  Cyprus, and Romania.




C4ISTAR Solutions 


Command Centers (C4D ProTM – Earth-GIS ProTM) design and implementation based on Luciad’s software components, enabling massive quantities – TBs - of data to be processed across dozens of CPU’s, integrating data from any kind of sensor, satellites, a/f, video, radar, UAV’s (FMV, WAMI), and other Tactical Data Links platforms, for Situational Awareness (SA) and creation of Common Operating and Tactical Picture (COP-CTP), real-time and near real-time.


Geospatial Intelligence Solutions


Satellite image and video analysis, exploitation, processing, precision targeting systems, and solutions.



Defence Simulation Solutions


3-D terrain - image generation, Battlefield visualization, mission rehearsal, mission planning systems.


Geoinformatics Solutions


Software development, GIS & Remote Sensing, Big Geospatial Data preparation. 

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